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Communication has been so pushed down into the unconscious that when it hits the surface, when it comes into conscious awareness, it’s intense. The ego is strongly tempted to shut it off. It says, “No. Don’t start communicating now.” But the Holy Spirit says, “Oh, yes. We are going to communicate and join and connect so well that the ego is going to dissolve in the face of that light and communication.

Communication is not limited except by belief. The physical aspects of communication, both verbal and nonverbal, are crude. As we go deeper on the spiritual journey, we start to realize what Jesus meant when he said, “All minds are joined.” He meant that communication is all telepathic. —David Hoffmeister

An excerpt from the book, “Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus”

Contact A Course in Miracles Audio Quantum Forgiveness, Physics, meet Jesus.

Mystic David Hoffmeister uses Quantum Physics and seven mind-expanding movies as modern-day parables to guide you into an experience of Quantum Forgiveness.

Quantum Forgiveness

The practical implications of Quantum Forgiveness are immense! In this book, David Hoffmeister guides us through time and space to a holy instant that ends pain and suffering. If we open to what this book has to share and apply it in our daily life, we need never again fear being wrong, strive to create a better life, or compromise ourselves by trying to adapt to a false idea of who we are or what the world is. Instead, we will relinquish expectations and come into a limitless sense of pure potential without concern or criticism. Clueless and cared for, we will experience the true nature of Reality and flow through our world as a happy dreamer—relieved of false responsibility, yet still truly helpful!

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