A Course in Miracles MP3 Recordings

Welcome to A Course in Miracles MP3 Recordings with David Hoffmeister. Teachings from the Awakened Mind.

A Course in Miracles MP3 Recordings

A Course in Miracles Audio Teachings

These A Course in Miracles mp3 recordings can be a truly helpful tool on your path to Awakening, particularly if you have struggled with applying the principles of the Course and desire clarity of mind.


In this gathering, David discusses the idea of the world being a stage: “The ego is the idea that thoughts can leave your mind in this world and take on life; like Pinocchio wanting to be a real boy. These concepts we scatter out seem to live and breathe and act out. Like Shakespeare wrote, ‘All the world is a stage.’ Even the stage seems to come to life.”


David discusses his journey to the Mind Awake and his experiences of living as the Holy Spirit guides. He addresses every topic with radiant joy and amazing clarity and shares an excellent description of the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles (ACIM).


Speaking from the Awakened Mind, David discusses advanced spiritual concepts with Course students who are ready to go deeper into the mind in order to awaken to the peace of God. This intensive was recorded over a two-week period in Traverse City, Michigan, and covers a wide range of topics and participant areas of interest, allowing for in-depth exploration.


This collection of podcasts was lovingly produced by a long-time friend of David Hoffmeister. Inspired by A Course in Miracles and David’s teachings, these audios cover a wide array of topics, metaphysical ideas, and insights into living practically by the profound teachings of ACIM.


This series of A Course in Miracles mp3 recordings is a dialogue between David Hoffmeister and some of his students on topics that include the possibility of escape from time, the power of the mind, and the meaning of God’s Will.  David talks about what it means to be the dreamer of the dream and how we cannot bring truth to illusion but need to bring illusions to truth, working from the bottom up.


Speaking about choice in these recordings, David shares: “When the mind falls asleep, instead of the abstract light of the Kingdom of Heaven where there is literally choicelessness, there seems to be choice. In other words, what precludes choice is duality, you have to have options, something to pick from. Jesus describes Heaven as an eternal song of joy, of gratefulness that the Father and Son sing: It is bliss, or in eastern tradition, Nirvana.”


This collection was recorded at an ACIM gathering in Indiana. David Hoffmeister discusses unlearning the ego and healing the mind. Many topics in the recordings are explored, including the disappearance of the world and the undoing of judgment and false perception. David also talks about clearing away the “darkened glass” and brushing away the ego. He shares about using experiences as examples, as parables for truth.


David Hoffmeister speaks with ACIM students about how we choose to value and identify with the body. He explains that, as soon as you believe that the body is your identity, you begin to defend, blame, and control it. If the mind is identified with Spirit, then there is nothing to defend because the Holy Spirit is invulnerable and in a constant state of grace.


In this early talk, David goes into the themes of mind training and the escape from dreaming. David shares: ”The point is, you have to look within. You have to look at your perception. You have to explore your consciousness and look for scraps of judgment that are blocking the truth and peace from awareness. We could say, the desire or wish that things be different than they are, is the central grievance.”


In this collection of A Course in Miracles mp3 recordings from a gathering in Louisiana, David Hoffmeister addresses forgiveness as described in A Course in Miracles. David shares: “One of the greatest joys about following the Spirit within is that you have no clue what’s coming. It’s very spontaneous and it all comes from joy. A lot of the fun comes from not knowing where you’ll be or who you’ll be with.” 


In this early talk, David Hoffmeister discusses the themes of healing and therapy. This audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles concepts.


David states: “If you can start to recognize the backward thoughts in your mind and start to be aware of them and start to see how silly they are, then you are raising them up and you are withdrawing your mind from them.”


On the question of dealing with upset and conflict, David shares: ”When you start to feel upset, realize that you must have asked a question by yourself. There are two kinds of questions: One you are asking with the Holy Spirit, and the other you are asking with the ego. The kind of question you are asking of the Holy Spirit as you go through your day without expectations of outcomes in your mind, is simply, ‘What for? What is this for, Holy Spirit?’ Like a little child walking along with a parent, not thinking that he knows what the world is for but asks his parent.”


David shares with students on the question of problems and problem solving via a practical application of ACIM Workbook Lesson 79: “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.” In this discussion, David goes deep into the ideas of mind and speaks of the concepts of pain and pleasure, the two thought systems, judgment and ordering of thoughts, and the seeming death and resurrection of Jesus.


This audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles concepts. David talks freely with students on the topics of immersing in joy and the freedom that arises from dropping misperceptions.


David Hoffmeister goes into the theme of level confusion and dealing with questions of form and unreality. On the topic of “it’s all the past,” David shares: ”It’s fun when you start to get that the main teaching Jesus shares in A Course in Miracles is that the script is written. Everything that seems to play out in form is the past; it is a prearranged script. Even though you may think you’ve got a choice and you can do all these wonderful things, it’s all the past.”


This set of A Course in Miracles mp3 recordings contains many hours of deep discussions on how to be free of judgment and live a life of trust in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


This gathering was recorded in the mid-1990s with David Hoffmeister and a group of ACIM students. During the gathering, David explores advanced spiritual concepts with Course students who are ready to go deeper into their understanding of A Course in Miracles in order to practice true forgiveness.

Forgiveness, as Jesus really intended it, is the releasing of illusions. It is important to distinguish true forgiveness from a sense of false forgiveness which says, this really happened, now how am I going to deal with it?


This audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister. David talks about trust, living fully in the present moment, and living a spontaneous life. In this gathering David shares: “I love how spontaneous this life is. It’s fun. I never have a clue about anything. I tell people I am certain about God, but I’m clueless about the form and how it will seem to go.”


In this gathering with students of A Course in Miracles, David Hoffmeister shares: ”I don’t remember how it was to play the game of the world. I can’t remember the game of exchange and reciprocity. It touches everything in the world. It’s how the world works. Even churches run off this concept. Some churches even make tithing mandatory. Every aspect of this world runs off of reciprocity.”


These A Course in Miracles mp3 recordings are a series of conversations and spontaneous questions and answers with David Hoffmeister at gatherings in Florida. It covers a wide expanse of heart-opening topics. Among some of the highlights, David brings uncompromising clarity to the areas of death and mourning, self-pity, marriage, divorce, special love relationships, and what happens when we invite the Holy Spirit into our special relationships.


David talks intimately about the experience of joy and about living in community: “It’s a very fun time for us in the ministry now. We’re running on all gears. We had a deep sharing last night about living in the joy and experience and letting go of all the distractions. Living in the presence of God, living in the present moment, is so precious. Love just radiates and extends.”


David shares on the topic of opening to the present moment: ”To accept our true selves, we need to open ourselves, open our hearts to the experience of our true Self. When you really call on God with great fervor, when you throw your arms in the air and say, ‘Come on God, give it to me. Whatever it is, I want to accept the joy I am now. Universe, show me my true Self.’ When you do this, then anything in your mind blocking this awareness is going to come up. You’re going to see first what is not your true reality. You have to allow yourself to feel the emotions as they arise.”


This audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles concepts including the question of reversing cause and effect as the world sees it.  In this gathering, David shares: “In A Course in Miracles, it is generally talked about as if every brother has a mind of his own. For example, in the Teacher’s Manual it says something along the lines, ‘Can a healer change the patient’s mind? Certainly not.’  When in fact, the thing we’ll be working towards and eventually realizing is that there is only one Son of God, there’s only one Mind.”


In this early talk from the mid-1990s, David Hoffmeister goes into the theme of sacrifice. This audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles concepts, including the theme of sharing and the relinquishment of the self-concept. In this gathering, David shares: “We need to start to take the intermediate step to begin to see that everything is an idea in the mind. Once you think it is more than an idea, then there’s a sense of identity with it, then you feel a sense of ownership, a sense of obligation and control.”


In this talk, David talks about the belief in separation: ”When we talk about the belief in separation, the first question that seemed to be asked was, ‘Who am I?’ Yet, this is never a question that Christ had. Nor is it a question that ever came up in Heaven. It’s a metaphor for this incredible idea that you could not know yourself, not know who you are. That you could forget the source of your being.”


In this gathering with students of A Course in Miracles, David Hoffmeister talks about the experience of forgiveness. ”We’re talking about the experience at the deepest core of your being. In your heart of hearts you know you’re innocent and have always been innocent; nothing but innocent. But to bring this experience up into awareness, we need to be practical.”


On this topic, David shares: “To me, what spiritual community is, is an agreement to say, ‘Nothing is what it seems. This world is a house of cards. Everything in this world has been made to be a distortion to cover over the truth.’  We were looking at the line in A Course in Miracles which says, ‘This world was made as and attack on God.’ There’s a lot of resistance that comes up with that lesson, because it brings it back to the incentive to forgive and release the illusion. If God had something to do with this world, then forgiveness would be impossible. You can’t forgive something that God created.”


In this gathering, David shares: ”We’re going to take a look at training your mind in order to open up to peace, but in a very practical way. Each one of us has been doing this mind training to some extent. So, we’re all going to benefit from each others’ experiences. We benefit together. The quote from A Course in Miracles that is coming to mind is, ‘An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.’ That’s our incentive. We want to go beyond willingness, beyond readiness and into mastery. We want to come into mastery of this mind training. It’s no small task.”


In these A Course in Miracles mp3 recordings from a series of gatherings in Georgia, David Hoffmeister teaches that as we still think we are people in bodies, the Holy Spirit has a convincing job to do for us. We come to an experience that we are not bodies at all, but Divine Mind. Through countless miracles, we come to the experience that we are defenseless in truth, and there is nothing we need protect. By dropping all defenses, all that remains is the experience of pure love. As the mind opens to this awareness, ego desires with their coinciding attraction to guilt and misery, with beliefs in scarcity and sacrifice, all melt away, leaving only the unified awareness of the Christ Mind.


David discusses the concept of choice and its dependence upon duality. In this gathering, David shares: ”One basic common misperception is choices between images. It’s very fundamental. As long as I still believe that it is possible to choose between images, I’m choosing with the ego. This could be images of body behavior or anything in the perceptual world. In choosing between images, there is an unlimited menu of options. This can seem very overwhelming.”


At this gathering of truth seekers, David Hoffmeister and participants explore the mind and rejoice in the healing power of love. David addresses a variety of topics and questions, bringing clarity, light, and wisdom around A Course in Miracles concepts including the idea that we are “already in Heaven.” David shares: “The fun is seeing everyone as yourself and having a joyful encounter with everyone you meet. This is what the Kingdom of Heaven is. It’s right at your hand, if you’re willing to be in that joy. It is shining all around you.”

A Course in Miracles MP3 Recordings—thank you for visiting.

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