Goodbye Boxes, Body, and Linearity—A Course in Miracles Teachings

A Course in Miracles TeachingsThese A Course in Miracles teachings were recorded in the mid-1990s with David Hoffmeister and a group of ACIM students. During the gathering, David explores advanced spiritual concepts with Course students who are ready to go deeper into their understanding of A Course in Miracles teachings in order to practice true forgiveness.

“Forgiveness as Jesus really intended it is the releasing of illusions. It is important to distinguish true forgiveness from a sense of false forgiveness which says, this really happened, now how am I going to deal with it? Once you have established the ‘reality’ of error, the reality of images, you are stuck trying to figure out how you are going to dispel ‘reality.’ This is an impossible thing.

Learn to recognize that this world is an impossible situation. Without judging it or trying to analyze, fix, or figure it out, rest deep within and watch it. See it for what it is; you can see the false as false and then let it go. That is a summary of forgiveness”. —David Hoffmeister, Unwind your Mind Back to God

Discussions on Linearity, Body, and Level Confusion

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