Laying aside Judgment

Laying aside Judgment—A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Gathering

A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Laying Aside JudgmentSpeaking from the Awakened Mind, David Hoffmeister explores advanced spiritual concepts with A Course in Miracles students who are ready to go deeper in their acceptance of metaphysical principles, lay aside judgment, and practice true forgiveness.

This set contains many hours of deep discussions on how to be free of judgment and live a life of trust in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Other topics include a discussion on sexual impulses and celibacy, guilt from ordering and identifying with unreal thoughts, the concept of ownership, and the flow of miracle-mindedness. David examines the belief that images are causative and looks at the impossibility of sickness, which is an unreal effect from an unreal cause.

In this gathering, David shares: “Why the mind made hierarchies of illusion is because it wants to be the author of itself. There’s a very deep-rooted belief that Reality can be selected from. That’s what all the judgments in this world tend to be. It chooses to go here, chooses to do that, chooses to prefer this and avoid that. There’s an underlying assumption that, ‘I choose from Reality.’ But Reality is something that just is, that I can simply accept.

In this world, Reality is something I seem to select from. In that, there seems to be parts that I can accept and parts that I can reject. This actually denies wholeness. It literally makes the split seem real. Judging maintains it. When we start to move into a healed realm, we can start to think of ourselves as mind. We start to see the fallacy of all these things we thought we were as a person. ‘I did this, I didn’t do this, I’m hoping to do this in the future, but I’m not quite sure.’

With mind training, we shift out of the personal and think of ourselves as mind. Then we can see all the concepts and ideas. They are just images. Image are thoughts I have made. The thoughts themselves are not the problem. But it’s the ordering and arrangement of those thoughts. This keeps me from seeing they are all equally illusory.”

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