Treadmill of Illusion A Course in Miracles

Treadmill of Illusion—A Course in Miracles Gathering

Treadmill of IllusionDavid joins with some students in this earlier talk, and covers the area of mind training and the “treadmill of illusion.” This recording is an interactive dialogue between David Hoffmeister and participants about various A Course in Miracles themes.

David says: We’re going to take a look at training your mind in order to open up to peace. But in a very practical way. Each one of us has been doing this mind training to some extent. So, we’re all going to benefit from each other’s experiences. We benefit together.”

He continues: “The quote from A Course in Miracles that is coming to mind is, ‘An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.’ (W-in.1) That’s our incentive. We want to go beyond willingness, beyond readiness and into mastery. We want to come into mastery of this mind training. It’s no small task.”

David shares about the treadmill of illusion: “The mind seems to believe in an illusion, it seems to make the chitter-chatter of the ‘monkey mind.’ But we choose to come into the stillness. How inviting the stillness is, how wonderful. The thought that we think we think and the world we see through the five sense of the body, it’s just accepted as being real. This is why we have Jesus in A Course in Miracles saying, ‘Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein, lies the peace of God.’ (In-2) This is the ultimate sense of reality. This is beyond threat. It is just everlasting. It is eternal.

David states: “There’s more of a relative use of the term in A Course in Miracles, which says, ‘What you believe, you make real.’ That’s in a relative sense, not the ultimate sense. He’s saying the world is more like a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe it, you will perceive it. It’s a tight loop. Everything you believe, you perceive. This is a world of belief, for it is maintained by belief. Until that belief system is questioned, it’s just assumed to be real.”

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