All the World’s a Stage

All the World's a StageIn this gathering David shares how all the world is a stage. From gatherings that took place in North Carolina in 2002. Throughout these six hours, David Hoffmeister takes you deep into the present moment and reminds you of the perfection in Spirit that you are. The audio begins with some heartfelt live music to ease the mind into a more receptive and still state. Several more songs are played intermittently throughout the talk.

“Ideas leave not their source. Everything we perceive in this world starts with an idea or concept. The ego is the idea that ideas can leave their source, that Christ could leave the Mind of God.

It is the idea that ideas can leave your mind in this world and take on life; like Pinocchio wanting to be a real boy. These concepts we scatter out seem to live and breathe and act out. Like Shakespeare wrote, ‘All the world’s a stage.’ Even the stage seems to come to life.

All these marionettes and puppets dancing around don’t appear to be only concepts. They seem like real living, breathing human beings that have a will apart from you. That is the illusion of the subject/object spilt. You can seem to be the subject and there can be an objective world that is outside of you. It can appear to be a hostile objective world. A world of scarcity and lack.

You have to do things like work and strive. This split is the belief in separation from God. It’s the idea that it is possible to be a person, to be the subject and have an objective world that is outside of your mind.

This is where the whole idea of abuse or being mistreated comes in. As if something outside of your mind can do something to you apart from your wish. This would be the definition of abuse.” —David Hoffmeister

Other topics discussed include unconscious guilt, people pleasing, the attraction of guilt, compromise and the escape from linear time.

All the World is a Stage ACIM Audio Collection

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* This track has some intermittent noise.

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