A Course in Miracles—This World Is a House of Cards

A Course in Miracles — This World Is a House of Cards Audio Recording

MiraclesThis audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles concepts.

On the topic of this world being a house of cards, David shares: “To me. what spiritual community is, is an agreement to say, ‘Nothing is what it seems. This world is a house of cards. Everything in this world has been made to be a distortion to cover over the truth.’

We were looking at the line in A Course in Miracles which says, ‘This world was made as and attack on God.’ (W-pII.3) There’s a lot of resistance that comes up with that lesson. Because it brings it back to the incentive to forgive and release the illusion. If God had something to do with this world, then forgiveness would be impossible. You can’t forgive something that God created. Because what God creates is eternal and untouchable. Forgiveness is possible because the ego made the world. You can release the ego and you can release the ego’s world. It is common to feel alien in the world and lost. It’s normal to feel like you don’t belong here.

As I got deeper into A Course in Miracles, I remember reading the question, ‘How many teachers of God does it take to heal the world?’ (M-12) The answer is: one. It goes on to say, ‘But that one is not a body or in a body.’

Topics also include:

  • Everyone wakes up together
  • Everyone goes Home as one
  • Letting go of everything we have learned
  • Beliefs
  • Saying goodbye to the learning of the world
  • Getting out of our own way
  • Rejoicing and allowing symbols to be used by Spirit
  • Letting go of the belief in an external world
  • Stepping into true Function

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