A Course in Miracles Peace

A  Course in Miracles Peace — Sunday Service at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center

A Course in Miracles PeaceOccupy Peace: Be Still my Soul.

This audio is an opportunity to join in a service with an A Course in Miracles community with prayer, music, sharings, and devotion. David Hoffmeister talks intimately about the experience of joy and about living in community.

In this gathering, David shares: “It’s a very fun time for us in the ministry now. We’re running on all gears. We had a deep sharing last night about living in the joy and experience and letting go of all the distractions. Living in the presence of God, living in the present moment, is so precious. Love radiates and extends. For a lot of us here, we’ve done a lot of mind training, a lot of practice. Now we’re into the experience and the expression. Miracles are collaborative. The miracles our joining are bringing forth are such witnesses of how God works. It’s not about contracts, negotiations, bartering, figuring out, or analyzing. It has nothing to do with any of those things. It’s just about being tuned in and letting that love flow through. It’s very natural. We’re finding more and more what a great way this is to live. A lot of times people just bite their tongues, wear the mask, and go through life not letting anyone know about thei suffering.

Ultimately, when you get deeper into spirituality, you find the Spirit is calling us to forgive,or release, the darkness in our minds so we can come into the experience of that light. We are that authentic expression of that light. But the Spirit is never coming down on us by saying, ‘You should be more be more like this, you should be more like that. You should never feel this way.’ That’s a very condemning judgmental perception. That keeps a lid on the darkness and keeps it pushed out of awareness, but no healing occurs. Just like in the twelve steps program, you need to do an inventory and coming into a true acknowledgement of what is going on within; also seeing that you are powerless over the world as you set it up. But there is a way out and a higher power to turn towards.”

A Course in Miracles Peace Sunday Service

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