Immersed in Joy—Healing Miracles

Immersed in Joy—Healing Miracles ACIM Gathering with David Hoffmeister

Immersed in Joy, Healing MiraclesThis audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles concepts and healing miracles. David talks freely with students on the topics of immersing in joy, and the freedom that arises from dropping misperceptions.

In this gathering, David shares: “For centuries, the crucifixion has been talked about in upside-down terms… Jesus suffering and dying on the cross for mankind’s sins. But the assumption in that is that Jesus suffered. You have neighbors who walk on coals. There are people who bend spoons and levitate. These are normal people.

In Jesus, you are talking about a mind that realized it is one with God! Talk about transcendence and ‘mind over matter’!  Those are all the trinkets. Imagine what Jesus says in A Course in Miracles is true. In Workbook Lesson 136, he talks about releasing judgment and planning against uncertainties in the future. In this lesson he says, ‘And you will recognize you practiced well by this—the body will not feel at all.’

The body will not feel at all?! Boy, what does this do to the crucifixion scene?! If you’re in the state of an enlightened mind then you know you’re not a body, you’re not even in a body. The early Gnostics depicted Jesus off to the side of the cross laughing at the crucifixion, which is a nice symbol. What Jesus is teaching here is that when you give up your judgments and grievances, you can’t experience pain. You can experience joy, bliss, ecstasy, and peace eternal.

But you’ve removed the possibility, the potential, of experiencing pain. You could say that is a right-minded view of the crucifixion. It is, of course, an extreme teaching example. It’s good incentive to practice the A Course in Miracles Workbook and not make any exceptions. Because you’re going for a state of invulnerability where you reach a state of mind where you realized pain and pleasure are just misperceptions. You become so immersed in joy that it becomes your living reality!”

ACIM Immersed in Joy and Healing Miracles

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