Sharing and Self-Concept A Course in Miracles

Sharing and Self-Concept A Course in Miracles Gathering

Self Concept A Course In MiraclesIn this talk from 2011, David Hoffmeister goes into the theme of sacrifice with some students. This audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles concepts, including the theme of sharing and the relinquishment of self-concepts.

In this gathering, David shares: “We need to start to take these intermediate steps to begin to see that everything is an idea in the mind. Once you think it is more than an idea, then there’s a sense of identity with it, then we feel a sense of ownership, a sense of obligation, control. Like with pets; we have to feed the dogs, brush them, let them out, then back in, then back out. In out, in out. Then they follow me around and I feel a sense of companionship. Then when you ask yourself, ‘What am I doing on the planet Earth?’ … ‘Oh, there’s my dog to be my companion and I’m not lonely.’

It doesn’t really matter what it is. A person, a partner. ‘Who am I without my partner? Who am I without my history? Who am I without my education? Who am I without my country? My hockey team?’ You have to start to look at everything in the same light because it’s all just concepts. The only concept out of the trillion and trillion concepts that can be shared is forgiveness. The reason it can be shared and the rest can’t is because it has a different maker. In fact, I was studying A Course in Miracles and thought I was getting the metaphysics down pretty good. Ok, God is the creator, Spirit creates Spirit, but God did not create the world.

Then I was reading the Text of A Course in Miracles and it said, ‘There is a Maker of another world.’ ‘Maker’ was capitalized. How can it be a capital ‘m’? I was like, ‘What is Jesus doing putting a capital “m” in there?’ What about the metaphysics? God is the creator and Spirit creates Spirit. Spirit is not creating another world. Who is this Maker of another world? The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the maker of the real world. The Holy Spirit is the maker of the bridge Home. That’s why the Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity.”

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