Clearing Away the Darkened Glass ACIM

Clearing Away the Darkened Glass ACIM Gathering in Indiana
Clearing Away the Darkened Glass ACIM

David Hoffmeister shares about unlearning the ego and healing the mind. Many themes are explored including the undoing of judgment and false perception, and the disappearance of the world.

He also talks about clearing away the darkened glass (misperceptions) and brushing away the ego. He shares about using experiences as parables for truth.

David states: “There is a call to go deeper which leads to a ‘diving’ in and a willingness to expose ego. A Course in Miracles states, ‘You will believe this course either entirely or not at all.’ (T-22.II.7:5) This word ‘entirely’ means that there is no 99% Salvation, for 99% is ‘not at all.’  Salvation is total, it is about realizing that Love is real and God is real and anything that would oppose that reality must be false. The decision must be made to transcend the ego and to move beyond the surface, beyond the emotions.

As you live your life in the world, on the surface, you seem to be a human being going through experiences, but that is really on the surface. You need to go deep down to the bottom and see what is down there. What that does is gives you an opportunity to apply the teachings, saying that whatever is down there I want to expose, I want to bring it to the Holy Spirit. The work is about bringing darkness to truth. We are not talking about making a better worldly life.”

Clearing Away the Darkened Glass ACIM

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