You Are Heaven—A Course in Miracles Book Teachings

You Are Heaven—ACIM Gatherings on A Course in Miracles Book, Supplements, and Practices

A Course in Miracles book and practiceThis set of audios from David Hoffmeister was recorded in 2003 at the Oasis Center in Knoxville. At this gathering of truth seekers, David Hoffmeister and participants explore the mind and rejoice in the healing power of Love. David addresses a variety of topics and questions, bringing clarity, light, and wisdom from the A Course in Miracles book, and concepts including the idea of “you are already in Heaven.”

In this gathering, David shares: “The fun is seeing everyone as yourself and having a joyful encounter with everyone you meet. This is what the Kingdom of Heaven is. It’s right at your hand, if you’re willing to be in that joy. It is shining all around you.

You don’t need to go off to some far mountain, or meditate for sixteen hours to find it. If you’re just willing to stop the busyness and appreciate what is right before you, wherever you seem to be is a very very joyful experience. You see everything as symbols. Yet Love is beyond all symbols. Like the story of the Zen master pointing at the moon. A lot of the students are looking at the pose of the master. One students says, ‘No, it’s not the pose we should be looking at. It’s the light.’ That’s the experience of the light in our hearts.

All questions really zoom into that one point where we see that we’ve got it. We’re it. We’re already it. We can end the struggle and the striving. We can just relax and say, ‘God created me perfect. I’m going to stop trying to improve upon perfection and just accept myself as I was created. I don’t need to get on this wheel of thinking I will be happy when, or I’ll get there when something in form happens.'”

Other topics include:

  • Joyful encounters
  • Reaching inner peace
  • Ending the war within yourself
  • The world as a representation of the split mind

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