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A Course in Miracles Present Moment Audio Recordings
Opening to the Present Moment—A Gathering with David Hoffmeister

ACIM Opening to the Present MomentThis ACIM audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles present moment concepts.

David shares on the topic of opening to the present moment: “To accept our true selves, we need to open ourselves, open our hearts, to the experience of our true selves. When you really call on God with great fervor, when you throw your arms in the air and say, ‘Come on God, give it to me. Whatever it is, I want to accept the joy I am now. Universe, show me my true Self,’ then anything in your mind blocking this awareness is going to come up. You’re going to see first what is not your true reality. You have to allow yourself to feel the emotions as they arise. You have to see the darkness, see how you’ve been choosing it, and then choose again. You have to move through the things that arise. You can’t repress that. We’re not doing affirmations over the top of these things or trying to keep the lid on. We’re inviting anything to come up and being in the present moment with it. Because once you’ve moved through and you can feel the peace and the calmness, then you don’t want anything else. Like a child having a bad dream; it might be reoccurring over many years. When that child turns to face the monster, then the monster disappears. It doesn’t matter how long the monster was believed in. It’s gone the moment it is not believed in anymore.

Similarly, we face our beliefs, concepts and self-hate, and they disappear from our awareness. It seems to take faith. It may seem like we are taking our hands off the wheel while driving a vehicle. It can seem frightening to go against your past learning, which would say planning and analyzing is prudent and practical. Opening your mind or opening to the present moment to the ego is not prudent. It is a waste of time to the ego because within the present moment the ego is undone.”

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* Tracks 3–5 have been removed due to excessive background noise.

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