A Course in Miracles beyond Ego

Beyond the Yuck: A Course in Miracles beyond Ego Gathering

A Course in Miracles Beyond EgoDavid Hoffmeister explores advanced spiritual concepts with students who are ready to go deeper in their understanding in order to practice mind watching and true forgiveness.

Speaking about choice, David shares:
“When the mind falls asleep, instead of the abstract light of the Kingdom of Heaven, where there is literally choicelessness, there seems to be choice. In other words, what precludes choice is duality, you have to have options, something to pick from. Jesus describes Heaven as an eternal song of joy, of gratefulness that the Father and Son sing: It is bliss, or in eastern tradition, Nirvana.

When the mind seems to fall asleep, it forgets Heaven and covers it over. It even buries the ego thought system. First, there is the belief that I have separated from Heaven, and then guilt that I have done something terrible. Now the mind is so terrified, it believes that it has pulled away from God and it forgets not only God, but also the ego thought system. It now makes up a realm of duality called time and space, and in that realm of duality seems to be constant choice, like a maze.

‘Do I do this or that? Do I eat this or that? Do I buy this or that?’ It seems, in this realm, that there are endless, endless, choices. What Jesus is doing in A Course in Miracles, is saying that you enslaved your will into the realm of duality where you think you have a choice between two images. He is saying that it takes training of the mind to look at the thoughts and move back into detachment, to see that the true choice we really have is between love and fear.”

Beyond the Yuck ACIM Gathering

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