What Choice Is That? ACIM Teachings

What Choice Is That?—A Course in Miracles Audio Teachings

ACIM Teachings - What choice is that?These ACIM teachings are an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles concepts. David talks about the concept of choice which is dependent upon duality.

In this gathering, David shares: “One basic common misperception is choices between images. It’s very fundamental. As long as I still believe that it is possible to choose between images, I’m choosing with the ego. This could be images of body behavior or anything in the perceptual world. In choosing between images, there is a unlimited menu of options. This can seem very overwhelming.

The idea is that I have all possible alternatives of where I go, what I eat, who I talk to. The ‘I’ needs to be questioned here. What are the choices that I think I have in this world? What do I value? To start to get at these things is getting into specifics. There can be no rest as long as I believe I can choose between images. Taking this practice inside, I want to get in touch with where it seems valuable to have this choice. It seems there is enjoyment in having choice, freedom. We need something to juxtapose this with. Let’s say, we seem to have the ‘American dream.’ I seem to have what I need and my family seems to have what they need. Let’s say, this is a bundle on one side. Now ask yourself has anything in this bundle made you happy?

Choice is an idea that is dependent upon duality. A Course in Miracles asks us the question, is choice in illusion really choice? To be in the right place, to choose the right school for my kids, to be a better person. All these presume there is something I can do in juggling the pieces of consciousness in just the right way to bring me happiness. Has this ever worked? Has this ever brought us the happiness we long for?”

What Choice Is That? ACIM Teachings

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