Truth and Self-Realization

Straight Talk on Truth and Self-Realization ACIM Gathering

Truth and Self-RealizationThis audio is an interactive dialogue between participants and David Hoffmeister on A Course in Miracles concepts. David gives the “straight talk” on the truth and talks about the belief in separation.

In this gathering, David shares: “When we talk about the belief in separation, the first question that seemed to be asked was, ‘Who am I?’ Yet this is never a question that Christ had. Nor is it a question that ever came up in Heaven. It’s a metaphor for this incredible idea that you could not know yourself, not know who you are, and could forget the source of your Self.

The ego asked the first question. The first question having been asked seemed like a very terrifying question; the idea that you could not know your own being or not know your own source. There seemed to be a lot of terror with that idea. In that seeming instant an entire world, an entire cosmos, was made up as a way to run from the light, and instead identify with images. In the Bible, it says, that you should have no graven images before the Lord thy God. Well, look at the cosmos. It’s an explosion of images. Stars and planets and images upon images.

As history progresses, the images simply multiply. The whole world, the whole screen of the world, was made as a distractive device, or made as the answer to the question of ‘Who am I?’ The ego had to offer you something. The ego says, ‘You left God. You walked out on your Source. You’ve actually separated from God. Who are you? Here. I’ll tell you. This is who you are.’ The graven image is the entire cosmos you see. It’s not like making a golden calf or something and worshipping it. The graven image is all of it, all of the images.

Out of all these images, the mind now is adrift. It forgot that it is a part of the mind of God, forgot that it belongs in the Mind of God. It is pure abstract communication, pure oneness, pure Spirit. Heaven is like a song. The Creator and the Creation simply sing. It is a song of happiness and gratefulness and it is uninterrupted.”

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